What is ATCOP?

It is a public limited company established in 1986, listed at Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan having its own share capital and share holders.

What is the Objective of ATCOP?

The objective of ATCOP is to provide technology and know how for industrial development of the country and also to transfers and utilize technology for technology and exploitation of indigenous resource.

What differs ATCOP from others organizations in its field of Products/Services?

ATCOP serves its clients in a competitive environment by offering best quality products/services with cheaper rates.

Which services are only offered by ATCOP throughout the country?

ATCOP is the only organization providing sterilization and food processing through irradiation process.

What sort of Products/Services ATCOP provides?

Its offers a varying range of products/services in the field of radiations, electrical, agriculture, medical, veterinary etc.