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Al-Technique Corporation of Pakistan

Al-Technique Corporation of Pakistan Limited (ATCOP) is a subsidiary of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission i.e. wholly owned by Government of Pakistan, incorporated in 1984 and later registered with SECP as a Public Limited Company for the purpose of carrying out commercialization of products and services developed by PAEC. The main objective of the Company is to transfer and utilize technology for development and exploitation of resources, increased self sufficiency, reduce dependence on foreign technology, enhance import substitution and help increase exports. The Company is managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals belonging to various specialized disciplines. The Company is also able to draw on the specialized knowledge available within its parent and sister organizations. Over time, the Company has been able to develop relations with top International technology companies. Through these collaborations, the Company is able to draw on the vast experience, range of technologies and equipment available with its foreign partners.

ATCOP Projects

Electron Beam

ATCOP has installed first 10 MeV 20 kW Electron Beam plant at PARAS Lahore. The electron beam (E-Beam) irradiation process uses high-energy electrons for a variety of applications. E-Beam irradiation processing is commonly used in the sterilization of medical devices, contamination control, as well as the modification of materials.

The process utilizes high energy electrons as its radiation source. The electrons, which are produced by normal electrical current, are accelerated to near the speed of light by means of a linear accelerator. The resulting energy of 10 million electron volts (MeV) and coupled with 20 kW of power, have sufficient energy to penetrate a range of materials. As a result of increased energy available from new generation equipment, this technology has established itself as a flexible and high speed process for sterilizing medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The E-beam process is also used as a method of controlling contamination in packaging, cosmetics and toiletries.

What We Can Deliver

The corporation provides technology and know how for industrial development of the country and also to transfer and utilize technology for development and exploitation of indigenous resources, increase of self-sufficiency, reducing dependence of foreign technology and agriculture and food products, chemicals, medicals, pharmaceutical, mechanical, electrical and electronic Products including computer software and hardware designing/fabrication of heavy and light mechanical equipment, special civil and construction work etc.

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