The PARAS – Medical Technology at its Best

PARAS is providing gamma irradiation services to local and multi-national pharmaceutical companies and medical disposable manufacturing industries since 1988. Irradiation services for preservation of foods, fruits, vegetables, medical devices, pharmaceutical products and a whole range of other products.

The only cold-sterilization service providing an immediate, high degree of sterility and homogeneous penetration, which is suitable also for reusable hospital equipment and items. It is a low-cost method of product sterilization by GAMMA RADIATION.

Advantages of Gamma Irradiation

  • High reliability. No part of the product can escape from exposure of gamma rays, i. e. No restriction on the shape of the product
  • It causes no harm to the quality of gamma compatible irradiated stuff
  • Consistent results
  • Covers a broad range of products
  • Safe and environment friendly
  • No post sterilization tests are required
  • The sterilization is done after final packaging, which is the specialty of this method
  • No quarantine time required

Comparison of Sterilization Methods


Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness among our potential clients about the quality sterilization and quality health care products by providing best radiation sterilization services to the indigenous medical disposable industry. To promote the use of radiation services in sterilization techniques for disposable medical products as well as for other products like food & gemstones and to improve the health standards in the country.

Our Philosophy

To provide benefits of radiation technology to the common man of the nation by providing the best quality sterilization services to medical disposables and expanding our business in multidimensional directions. PARAS encourage the growth of indigenous medical disposable industry to provide quality health care products and improve the health standards of the common man of the country.

This recognizes the management responsibility to maintain the organizational viability to meet its long term commitments. This includes development of new plants, equipment, expansion of business in multidimensional segments, training our employees and other resources to assure orderly growth of our services.

Why Choose Us

  • We have a highly experienced and educated staff
  • All the requirements and validations are previewed in BS EN 552: 1994
  • We represent the Pakistani Pharmaceutical industry which is going to be 11th largest in the world by 2016
  • We work using the highest quality management and are certified under ISO 9001:2008
  • We are accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS)