Process Control

  • Receiving of product Boxes
  • Inspection of the boxes
  • Stacking of the boxes on the pallets
  • Scheduling of the lots for irradiation
  • Allotment of PARAS identification number/stickers to product boxes
  • Affixing of radiation labels on the stickers
  • Placement of dosimeters in the boxes
  • Exposure to gamma rays in the radiation room for pre-determined time
  • Retrieval of Dosimeter
  • Analysis of Dosimeters
  • Product inspection and release
  • Product dispatch to clients
  • Certificate of irradiation after VERIFICATION OF GAMMA DOSE

Quality Policy

PARAS management is committed to provide irradiation services through latest technology and quality standards.

Our quality objective is aimed for continual improvements to meet customers’ satisfaction and future challenges regarding irradiation services at PARAS.

PARAS is certified with ISO-9001-2008 Quality Management System by UKAS.